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To revolutionize the way businesses connect with their audience, delivering innovative solutions that drive growth and foster lasting relationships.

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By combining cutting-edge technology, industry expertise, and a customer-centric mindset, we empower businesses to achieve their marketing goals with ease and efficiency.

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We believe that powerful software should also be user-friendly. Our interfaces are designed for simplicity

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We provide exceptional customer support to assist you at every step of your marketing journey.

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RapidMMS offers a robust Mass Messaging System for bulk email, SMS, and WhatsApp campaigns. Optimize your outreach and engage effectively with RapidMMS.

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Multiple SMS Getaway

A Multiple SMS Gateway system provides a robust platform for sending text messages across various networks. It allows businesses to integrate multiple SMS services for enhanced reach and reliability, enabling them to distribute messages globally through diverse routes. This redundancy ensures message delivery even if one service encounters issues, making it ideal for critical communication needs.

Multiple WhatsApp Getaway

A Multiple WhatsApp Gateway refers to a service or software that enables organizations to send WhatsApp messages to a wide audience through multiple channels or gateway providers. This setup enhances delivery success rates and provides fallback options, ensuring messages reach their intended recipients even if one gateway fails. It's a critical component for businesses leveraging WhatsApp for customer engagement, support, and marketing.

Multiple Mail Gateway

A Multiple Mail Gateway setup involves using various email delivery services to ensure high availability and reliability for sending bulk emails. This configuration is particularly useful for businesses that require consistent email deliverability for marketing campaigns, transactional emails, and critical communications. By distributing the email load across multiple gateways, the system can provide redundancy and reduce the risk of service disruptions or deliverability issues with any single email service provider.

Multiple Payment Method

A Multiple Payment Method configuration enables businesses to accept a variety of payment options, such as credit/debit cards, bank transfers, e-wallets, and mobile payments. This approach broadens customer accessibility and convenience, catering to diverse preferences and enhancing the overall purchasing experience. It's essential for businesses aiming to expand their market reach and facilitate seamless transactions in a global marketplace.

Unlock the Potential of RapidMMS with our Powerful Features

Powerful Features

Leverage RapidMMS's powerful Mass Messaging System for effective bulk email, SMS, and WhatsApp marketing. Boost your reach and conversions with us.

Bulk SMS

Send personalized SMS messages to a large number of recipients at once, leveraging our integration with 10 popular SMS Gateways. Additionally, we offer the convenience of an SMS Sender Android app for quick and easy messaging on the go.

Email Sending

Easily send emails using SMTP, allowing you to communicate professionally and efficiently with your contacts.

WhatsApp Messaging

Connect your device through a simple QR Code and send WhatsApp messages to your target audience, engaging them directly on their preferred platform.

Campaign Management

Plan and execute your marketing campaigns effectively by creating and managing campaigns within XSender. Monitor performance, track engagement, and optimize your messaging strategies.

Contact Manage

Effortlessly upload and manage your contacts in bulk, saving you time and ensuring efficient communication with your audience.

Email Templates

Access a wide range of professionally designed email templates, making it easy to create visually appealing and engaging emails for your campaigns. Customize them to suit your branding and messaging needs.

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Fair, simple pricing for all.

Fair, Simple Pricing for All is a succinct and compelling tagline that conveys a commitment to transparency and equality in pricing strategies. This phrase suggests that the business offers straightforward and reasonable pricing, ensuring that all customers, regardless of their size or budget, can access its products or services without facing complex or hidden fees. It's an appealing approach in today's market, where customers value clarity and fairness in their transactions.


Streamline Your Messaging with Our Bulk SMS, Email, and WhatsApp SaaS Solution

Effortlessly reach your audience at scale and engage through multiple channels

Message Title

Message Description

A Bulk SMS, Email, and WhatsApp SaaS website is a platform that allows you to send large volumes of SMS, emails, and WhatsApp messages to multiple recipients simultaneously.

Using a Bulk SMS, Email, and WhatsApp SaaS service allows you to save time and effort by automating the process of sending messages to a large number of recipients. It also provides detailed analytics, real-time delivery reports, and the ability to personalize messages.

The Bulk SMS feature allows you to upload a list of phone numbers and send SMS messages to all the recipients on that list. The system will handle the message delivery and provide you with delivery reports.

Yes, you can personalize SMS messages by including variables such as the recipient's name or other custom fields. The system will merge the variables with the corresponding data for each recipient.

The Email module enables you to create and send personalized emails to a large number of recipients. You can design email templates, add dynamic content and manage your email contacts

Yes, we provide an API that allows you to integrate our Bulk SMS, Email, and WhatsApp services with your existing systems, such as CRM platforms, marketing automation tools, and more.
Based on number of messages start your sms,whatsapp & email campaigns

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Fair, simple pricing for all.


€49 / 15 Days
  • 1500 SMS Credit
  • 2500 Email Credit
  • 1000 WhatsApp Credit
  • 1 Credit for 160 plain word
  • 1 Credit for 70 unicode word
  • 1 Credit for 320 word
  • 1 Credit for per Email
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€99 / 25 Days
  • 50000 SMS Credit
  • 100000 Email Credit
  • 70000 WhatsApp Credit
  • 1 Credit for 160 plain word
  • 1 Credit for 70 unicode word
  • 1 Credit for 320 word
  • 1 Credit for per Email
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€199 / 45 Days
  • 100000 SMS Credit
  • 200000 Email Credit
  • 150000 WhatsApp Credit
  • 1 Credit for 160 plain word
  • 1 Credit for 70 unicode word
  • 1 Credit for 320 word
  • 1 Credit for per Email
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